Have You Watered Your Christmas Tree Today?

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When you bring your tree home, saw a couple inches off the bottom of the trunk before setting in water. When trees are cut, pitch oozes out and seals the pores. By sawing off the base, you will open up the pores, and the tree will be able to absorb water.

  • Use a sturdy tree stand that holds at least one gallon of water.
  • Check the water level frequently –a tree can absorb up to a gallon of water each day, especially when it’s just been cut.
  • Keep the cut end of the trunk submerged in water.
  • Use plain tap water (any temperature is fine).
  • Keep your tree out of direct sunlight, and away from heaters and fireplaces.
  • Keep your tree in a cool room, if possible.
  • Inspect your tree lights for frayed wires, broken sockets or bare spots before installing.
  • Link together three or fewer strands of tree lights. Plug them into an extension cord before plugging into the socket. Remember to turn the tree lights off when you’re not in the room!
  • Use only non-flammable holiday decorations.
  • Keep a clear exit path from each room.
  • Don’t burn wrapping paper in your fireplace.

Have a Merry Christmas!!