Our Trees

How We Grow the Perfect Christmas Trees

We have over eighty acres dedicated to growing the finest Fraser Fir Christmas Trees that range from 3’ to 12’ in height. Growing the perfect Christmas Tree means doing the right things at the right time and at the right place.  

  • Perfect elevation at 3800ft and a cool water lake providing moist rain-forest-like air.
  • Perfect ph in our soil.
  • Our crew hand shears every tree just at the right time – shortly after the growth season each year. Shearing encourages additional buds to develop.
  • Fertilizers & vitamins are added to each tree based on the time of the season to prevent insect damage.
  • We grow trees slowly, so that they have dense foliage and maintain the blue/green color.
  • We continually monitor each tree during it years of growth, and remove all pine cones each year so that the growth of the tree goes into the needles & branches, not the pine cones.
  • We just do it better – because Santa checks on us each year.
  • We only cut our trees after several frosts, cold weather, and a good rain has occurred. This ensures that the needles stay on the trees. It’s like one last drink of water before heading to our customers’ homes!

At Tom Sawyer’s Tree Farm we wait until the last minute, about mid-November, to begin our harvest. None of our trees are cut any earlier!  And, of course, we leave most of trees right where they are so that our Choose-n-Cut friends can return each year for the tradition of picking the perfect tree for their holiday season.