How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

Preserve your Christmas tree for up to 5 weeks by using these tips:

  • If your tree was cut more than 4 hours ago, saw a 1” straight cut off the trunk and immediately place in water.
  • Place tree in a stand that can hold at least 1 gallon of water. Water the new tree as often as necessary while it continues to soak up water, and never allowing the base to dry out. Plain water is best for keeping your tree fresh.
  • Check for worn Christmas tree lights and electrical cords and always unplug the tree at night. Use UL approved electrical decorations and cords. Using miniature lights will produce less heat and reduce the drying effect on the tree or any chance of a fire.

See also the 10 Biggest Myths about Christmas Trees and view this PDF from the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association regarding the benefits of a Real vs Fake Christmas Tree. [Read more…]

We Love Being a Part of your Holiday Traditions!

News from Noel and Chris, the Christmas Tree Elves…

Whew! We had an incredibly busy and fun 2013 holiday season at Tom Sawyer’s!

ChristmasStoreOur own Elf Village was a big hit, and we’re so glad you came to visit us in our hometown.  Santa and all the elves were delighted to help make your holidays special. [Read more…]

Customer Appreciation Days this Weekend

News from Chris, the Christmas Elf…

The Tom Sawyer Tree Farm and Elf Village is open all weekend for family fun and holiday cheer!

The traditions continue as Christmas fast approaches. We’ve seen lots of first timers at our Elf Village, and we’ve loved seeing old friends stop by as well. One couple has been to Tom Sawyers Christmas Tree Farm & Elf Village for seven years in a row. They bring their two adorable Westies for their annual family portrait, and Maggie was thrilled to have new friends to play with! They continue their personal holiday tradition by sipping hot cocoa while riding the Polar Express Train Ride in nearby Bryson City, NC. [Read more…]

Holiday Fun for All Ages!

News from Noel, the Christmas Tree Elf…

The very young, along with the young-at-heart, celebrated together last week at Tom Sawyer’s Christmas Tree Farm and Elf Village.


Despite the wet weather, we were once again blessed as families came dressed for the weather to Choose & Cut their trees. “We refused to let the weather dampen our spirits!” one couple was heard to say. [Read more…]

Have You Watered Your Christmas Tree Today?

We elves at Tom Sawyer Christmas Tree Farm get thirsty throughout the day and need to drink plenty of water just like you, your pets, and your plants. So don’t forget to water your thirsty Christmas tree! Chris and I have some tips on how to keep your cut tree fresher longer:

  • Use a sturdy tree stand that holds at least one gallon of water.
  • Check the water level frequently –a tree can absorb up to a gallon of water each day, especially when it’s just been cut.
  • Keep the cut end of the trunk submerged in water.

[Read more…]