Covid Response

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As we all work to keep people safe, our elves and our elf village not be open this year for visitors. We as a family and staff are sad about this and we are working hard to open our farm and keep all visitors safe. We have added hand sanitizing stations throughout the property, additional cleaning procedures for areas where there is increased guest contact, safer checkout procedures, and all of our staff will be following the State of North Carolina guidelines for safety as set forth by our governor.

As of now, this will mean masks are required. We ask that all guests to our property also do the same. We also ask that if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have any symptoms of COVID-19 refrain from visiting our farm. We have extended our weekday times to 10am-4pm to accommodate more people and if you can come during the week we highly recommend it! If you are immune compromised, please consider visiting on a weekday as the weekends will be busier.